Golden Glades Lodge No.334 F&AM

About our Fraternity

For those of you, not familiar with our Fraternity a few explanations may be in order. The word fraternity is a word most of us are familiar with. So now you know that this is just a group of men (Fraters or Brothers) who get together at any given or stated place to practice the art of Masonry. Now this will familiarize you with the word "Lodge", which to us means not a building or a structure, but a group of Masons getting together to work in the Art of Masonry. Naturally we do not practice the actual stone cutting or shaping work, as practiced by the ancient operative (stone masons). By the way not very many operative mason (stonemasons) craftsmen remain at present practicing that skilled craft or art.

We practice what we call speculative Masonry, not operative masonry. We use the tools of craft masonry as symbols to teach or inculcate moral lessons. So ours, is in essence, a self improvement group. 

Square, Level and Plumb

The Square, Level and the Plumb

About the Free and Accepted Masons, that is the F & AM you saw after the Lodge's name. During the middle ages, operative masons, traveled from site to site to erect whatever was needed for the nearby Nobles, Lords.  Their movements or travels, were not restricted, as were the serfs, who could not go anywhere unless they had permission to do so. Being private contractors these men were Freemen, thus "Freemasons", and were free to travel, just the same as the Nobles were. They finished their buildings or structural repairs and were free to travel or go where the money or work was. You can say they were the original independent contractors. 

They were choosy about whom they hired.  The work group had to travel and live together. at the job and between jobs.  Rules were laid down to avoid fights, squabbles,  and conflicts. Some of these rules even provided protections for wives, mothers, sisters, daughters, widows and orphans,  from destitution and predatory individuals.  It was a tightly knit society and rules to maintain peace and good fellowship were applied.

When we came into the picture, and were "Accepted" is lost in history. Our recorded or written history dates from approximate the 1700's. We came to learn and the operative stonemason workers understood that, as we were not paid. We were accepted as long as we did not get in their way.  We inherited not only their social interaction rules, but many of their philosophical teachings and principles.  These teachings were taught to these men to make them better men, and prepare them for their profession. So we have benefited from their accumulation of knowledge 

We also are involved in Charitable endeavors. Some of which, you may have heard about or not. These charitable endeavors are part and parcel of what, and who we are. We do not go out and ask for support, even though some of us think we should. We raise funds among ourselves to support them. We will accept unsolicited donations to any of our charities as long as the donors are morally acceptable to us. 

We are pleased that you visited our web page and hope that somehow we may have answered some of the questions in your mind. The statements above may appear a bit simplistic, but are true, except the historical part, which is mostly legend, or may be a good guess as our true origins are lost to recorded history.

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