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July 2000               Page 1          Volume 02          Issue # 6

FROM THE EAST ..........

We are planning a Past Master's dinner to be held on  September 23, (it should not conflict with some High Holy Days).  We will publish where, as soon as the Planning Committee submits to the Lodge name of the place, where the activity will be held.  Mind you, this will be taking in consideration the most convenient places and most accessible to to our membership.    Please keep abreast of these developments and come to the meeting and voice your input.

Needless to say that your voice in Lodge business, regardless of the matter in question in highly regarded.   Your attendance naturally is very welcome and needed.

The regular trestleboard will no longer be published.  If you are reading this web page, it means you have access to the internet and therefore we invite you to visit the web page for the Masters and Wardens Association where the activities of the other Lodges in our District are published.   Should you need a printed one, we have duplicated a few and are available at the Lodge.


August 16 will be our District Deputy Official Visitation.

September 9, Saturday, Grand Masters District Visitation

          Place Mahi Shrine Auditorium.

September 13, will be our "Bring a Friend Night!" of course              the purpose of this even is to familiarize our friends with            Masonry and enjoy a good dinner and visit with our                  Membership,

September 23, "Past Masters Night" - Honoring our Past                    Masters and enjoying a visit with each other.

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